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Natural bases created by cult nose, you can blend

An organ composed of 19 original bases, collected from perfumers, legends or rising stars of perfumery. Prototypes created from natural and organic raw materials, selected from the best harvests, around the world.

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Our bases

And their ingredients

A creation based on a very rare organic French Lavandin Enfleurage, refreshed by a tea accord, which brings a nice sparkle. Then, comes a beautiful floral facet carried by an absolute sambac jasmine. Discretion, naturalness, simply elegant.


A typical spiciness of a beautiful organic Ginger LMR at very high dosage, which blows hot and cold. This duality is exacerbated by the Madagascar Black Pepper’s lingering spicy inflections. A Ginger shot of organic vitality.

San Remo

A base that transports you to the Mediterranean, maybe in “San Remo”, its original code name. A magnificent Orange Blossom Absolue LMR sublimated by a sunny Sicilian bergamot, and then the formidable LMR Curcuma leaf, which brings zest and total naturalness. Full sun.


This theme is borrowed from a great naturalness, with the particular freshness of a pure Cardamom from Guatemala which meets the vegetal and aromatic facets of a Geranium from Egypt, and the bitter Orange, within an invigorating and luminous creation. Pure nature and exotic freshness.


This organic patchouli LMR from Indonesia evokes incredible warmth and density. Associated with the raw and immediate Bergamot’s freshness, this provides a feeling of a chiaroscuro’s freshness. Eternel.


The queen of flowers remains here in double concentration. With two very rare qualities of Rose, the “Rose absolute for Life LMR” and the transparent “Rose essential LMR”, it radiates with a slightly fruity sweetness. Unexpected and surprising, this olfactive theme plays with vetiver roots to offer some contrasting facets of wood and earth.
A remarkable and noticed jewel of nature.


Embodied by one of the most precious ingredients in the perfumer’s palette, this “Iris for Life” base dresses with a natural delicacy, with a cedarwood heart from Virginia. Delicious Authenticity.


The generous expression of simple and dazzling pleasure, where the orange blossom absolute from Tunisia and the organic neroli from Morroco combine in a luminous, suave and sunny promise. An Orange grove paradise in the desert.


Carried by a luminous and rare organic ylang flower from Madagascar, a beautiful tuberose from India balances this bouquet by bringing seduction and depth. A travel.


The idea was to reinterpret the traditional ingredients of an aromatic theme in an innovative way. It is here the meeting of two main elements, natural and wild, from the purest quality and provenance, some organic lavandin enfleurage, and some laurel leaf LMR. Diving in distinguished herbs

Sage in the city

A dazzling and aromatic harmony emanates from this Mediterranean-style base, evoking the herbaceous notes of a superb orgnic cypress and a divine clary sage Absolute LMR.

Mediterranean green and sun


A gentle work on several qualities of bio-degradable and enveloping musks, with a drop of floral facet, Orange blossom absolute LMR. An unidentified and very addictive olfactory painting.


The reign of a woody base of Sandalwood from Australia, which dominates without sharing. He is clear, pure and without obstacles. Addictive. Only a few dazzling notes of cardamom dare to accompany it, for a delicious sensation of naturalness. An aura .


The expression of naturalness in its duality, between ardor and harmony, the raw and wild heat of an incredible “Organic Vetiver LMR Haiti for Life”, echoes the chilling purity of Olibanum resinoid LMR. A refined raw, captivating piece of nature.


An olfactory representation of a mystical and captivating instant, with the scent of an Organic olibanum, illuminated by the sparks of a vibrant pink pepper, molecular extraction. Just that. Fabuleux.


Illuminated and sulphurous, the Labdanum Resinoid LMR marries a superb organic cinnamon bark, and enhances the richness of this composition, within nuances and colors. Dare.


Bewitching, intoxicating, and addictive, the organic Vanilla Bourbon from molecular extraction, is revealed here, by the aura of a pure organic patchouli, terribly sensual of naturalness. Ouch. To taste.


The oud in majesty, a pure cristal quality, incredibly rare and expensive, at maximum dosage. Its mystery and its power are revealed here by a magnificent and very natural Davana LMR. A master piece to discover and to wear.

Vanilla absolute

The wonderful organic Bourbon Vanilla at a very high dosage, gone to party with its magnificent Magnolia flower. Watch out for damage.


Organic farm

Organic and For Life Farming

For a great olfactory creation you need a great perfumer, intuition (that of perfumers to create the bases and yours to assemble and dose them), and finally, exceptional ingredients.

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