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About Bases

Natural bases created by cult nose, you can blend

An organ composed of 19 original bases, 5 top, 6 hearts, 8 dry, collected from perfumers, legends or rising stars of perfumery.

Prototypes created from natural and organic raw materials, selected from the best harvests, around the world.

A base is the essence of the « juice », its spine. It is a raw jewel, a short formula, its character is strong and makes it unique. You wear it as is.

The secret is that you can make your base evolving. Depending on the season, on your wishes, you can add facets to it, and marry it with another base: a top, a heart or a dry.

You create your own formula, your olfactive print, which is unique in view of the infinite dosage possibilities you will have.

“Bases” is about « scents in motion », of which you become the actor. Your intuition is released and progresses. You learn about smell, about your senses, about yourself. You are in motion.

“Bases” will move to ephemeral places, we will disappear, reappear, and will come to you, thus reviving the nomadic perfumery of the beginning of the last century.

“Bases” wants to live happy, and therefore necessarily, will live a little hidden, but we will find ourselves, to exchange an idea, a smell, a smile.