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Fanny Bal

International Flavors & Fragrances

© Michael Avedon
© Michael Avedon

It was during her chemistry studies, which would have very wisely led her to the engineering profession, that Fanny Bal discovered the path of perfumery. The thunderbolt is immediate and the decision to become a perfumer is irrevocable. Since then, this passionate young woman continues to demonstrate her determination.

Born in Lyon, Fanny begins his post-baccalaureate courses in this city. After two years of IUT of chemistry, she seeks for more creative alternatives. As soon as she hears about ISIPCA, Fanny is determined to integrate the school and is admitted in the famous formulation Master fragrances after her degree. During her study program, the young apprentice is fostered at IFF to work on the fragrance’s performance. From the laboratory, her horizon becomes clearer and obviously confirmed her vocation to create fragrances.


For a ISIPCA research project (achieving a perfume, from concept to launch, through its formulation), she consulted the Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion. Dispensing his advices, he introduced her to the greatest raw materials. The star perfumer turned out to be a generous teacher, happy to share his great knowledge and experience with her. After two years of laboratory school and the rich improvised program by Dominique Ropion, Fanny, however, knew that her training is far from finished. Concerned about her future, she consulted once again the Master Perfumer, who decided to take her under his wing. She officially became his apprentice, a unique status in the fragrance house. Teacher and student worked together on some projects while the training goes on, in particular in New York at the IFF Perfumery school, a must for all the perfumers of the fragrance house.

The cosmopolitan city opens her up a view to the world. Back to the creative center of Neuilly sur Seine, Fanny began a promising career as a perfumer, under the benevolent eye of his mentor Dominique Ropion, who said of her: “Curious, persistent and sparkling even in her way of life, Fanny has the greatest qualities to become a great perfumer.“

Fanny Bal received the “Rising Star” award from the prestigious Fashion Group International

She invents macarons around aromatic ingredients LMR duos. Such as vetiver-mandarin macaroon that her guests, at first surprised, tasted with great pleasure. Bold and original, her pastry creations are a reflection of her olfactory creations.

Designing an original combination first, the unique combination of two ingredients and then building around that combination, that is the creative process which inspired the young perfumer, always looking for innovation.
Gourmand of fragrances, gourmand of raw materials, it is on Asian flavors that she now seeks to discover unusual associations to surprise the palace and the Western sense of smell.


At the dawn of her career, one can only hope for Fanny to continue thriving well in the wake of her master. She wishes one day to be able to count to her credit so much as half of her master’s creations.

But most of all, she hopes to create the next big masculine fragrance so that her beloved brother could wear it. There is no doubt that her future will be successful, as this young woman knows how to put all the chances on her side.

“Today is a perfect day to start living our dreams,” a motto read on a NYC wall she repeats herself every day. This epitomizes all the motivation and poetry that illuminate Fanny. Living and designing her dreams, her path is already mapped out.