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Organic farm

Organic and For Life Farming

For a great olfactory creation you need a great perfumer, intuition (that of perfumers to create the bases and yours to assemble and dose them), and finally, exceptional ingredients.
We source our naturals from « Laboratoires Monique Remy » in Grasse. The ultimate quality, the spirit of nature, the respect of farmers. We believe in and practice fair trade on these exceptional “For Life” raw materials, which guarantees increasing prices and volumes over long cycles.
Tradition and know-how of responsible extraction, extreme naturalness, and pesticidefree plantings, so that what is sprayed to your skin is both healthy and wonderfully good.

The base of the bases is the earth,

with the hands of women and men who pick its nectar, while respecting the natural resources.

The harvest goes to the local distillation workshop,

a real photo without any artifice, never.

Distillation and manufacture of the concentrate of natural magic materials

Precision, tradition passed down from father to son, know how and know how to transmit, around the world… 19 ingredients grown in India, Haiti, France, Madagascar, among other many countries.

Creation between grasse et Paris

The famous concentrate in hand, around 3 months after the harvest, it’s time for the olfactory creation, between Paris and Grasse. Intuition and human art cut and polish the natural raw gems to sublimate it.

To your nose and inspiration

To your Nose/ to your skin and to your intuition.