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Claire Liegent

International Flavors & Fragrances

© Michael Avedon
© Michael Avedon


Claire Liegent grew up in the Champagne region, in the middle of the vineyards, fine bubbles and fine foods, near a Chef father, also a wine expert and collector.

These fine liquors awaken her palate and her nose from the most tender age: Claire learns to smell the liquors, recognize their flavors, appreciate their subtility. She tames them, as she crafts her taste and the sensations they conjure. She understands very early on how alive they are and likes to come back to them again and again, to constantly rediscover their intoxicating scents and follow their evolution as they age.

If her family environment first steers her towards oenology studies, it’s thanks to pure luck that she discovers perfumery. It’s a revelation: there is a craft which will allow her to combine the senses, and bring them to life! In 2007, she joins ISIPCA, the Parisian school which trains future perfumers, then IFF as an evaluator. Her gift is quickly detected: Pierre Wargnye, a famous perfumer, takes her on as a perfumery student. With him, she learns to follow her instincts and understand consumer tastes, particularly for men’s fragrances. Then Dominique Ropion, master perfumer, continues her training: he mentors her on feminine elegance, concision, and a quasi-surgical precision in the choice of each ingredient, which must only be in her formulas for a good reason.

She then polishes up in New York, where she learns the art of perfumery for beauty care products; followed by Grasse, at LMR, the naturals jeweler, where she unveils the secrets of perfumery natural ingredients; and lastly in Brazil, where she discovers a country where perfume rituals are an integral part of the culture. Claire lives currently in Sao Paolo, and likely for a few years.

Claire is a self-professed gourmet, whose first source of inspiration, almost daily, is gastronomy. As years went by, she was able to share her love of perfumery and foods with Michelin-starred chefs, in New York and Copenhagen, to literally and figuratively feed upon these connections, senses to senses, palate to nose.

Her creations are revealing of her penchants: rich, generous, precise, the craft of a perfumer who from her atelier, likes to awaken the senses, all the senses.
The new wave.